FM Center Helps You Make the Right Decisions

Manage and control all processes related to your buildings' uses, maximising the potential of both the property and the equipment. FM Center will affirm you as an effective manager with a successful business.

Effective Finance Control

Control costs and payments, which ensures you have better financial results.

Buildings' Maintenance Management

Optimal planning and effective management of the preventive maintenance of the equipment in the building.

Tenancy Agreements Management

Always know how much and what kind of free space you are working with.

Easy Contacts Management

Group your contacts using different criterion, defining links between them and noting additional information.

FM Center’s Solution

You have a clear understanding about the state of your buildings and their infrastructure at all times
You have an ability to make precise analyses
You can generate financial business forecasts
You have a clear graphical representation of your financial balance, data and trends

Who Is FM Center Aimed for?

Office buildings and large business parks and centres
Facility and property management companies
Organizations with many offices and subsidiaries - banks, insurance companies, holding companies, hypermarkets, retail chains etc.
Residential complexes and holiday resorts
Educational establishments

FM Center Mobile

FM Center's mobile application reminds you of any urgent tasks and allows you to check the process and status of activities no matter what your location is.

Who Uses FM Center?

Within FM Center there are over 280 managers, in a wide range of organizations, who successfully manage over 3,450,000 sq. metres of built up area where they always aim to get the maximum benefit from the operation of these sites.

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The main idea of Facility Management is reducing the property exploitation costs. In order to achieve it, we must have a detailed information about them. FM Center gives us tools for transparency of the property management. Now we have more time to focus on our main goal - higher service quality and customer satisfaction.

Maria Manolova Manager of Vienna Real Estate 10.06.2016

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