Communicate effectively with your customers with the new web module FM Assistant!

FM Center 6.8 includes enhanced functionalities, as well as a completely new web module - FM Assistant, designed to provide effective communication channel between managers of residential and office buildings and their clients.

FM Assistant

We believe that effective communication between facility and property managers and their clients is a key factor in establishing successful relationships. This is why we developed a completely new web module - FM Assistant.

Our main goal is to provide easy access to information for inhabitants in residential complexes, business centers and office buildings regarding their financial obligations, payments status, building's news, additional services available etc.

FM Assistant includes:

Information desk

We created news feed page in FM Assistant, where facility and property managers can post information regarding current initiatives, repairs, planned maintenance etc.


We provided an easily accessible page where each client can find information about financial obligations and payments made.

Online payment

Your customers have the opportunity to pay their obligations (internet services, electricity bills, water consumption etc.) online, from any location.

SMS and email notifications

Your customers can use the email and SMS notifications to get information on monthly fees, latest news on the information desk, new services available etc.

Building maintenance

Your clients will have a special channel to quickly and easily address any issues and submit requests.

Additional services

Give your customers added value by providing easy access to additional services available in your complex or nearby - food delivery, beauty services, rent a car, shopping, cleaning services etc.

FM Assistant is an important addition to the portfolio of different modules in FM Center - the system that already covers a large variety of facility and property management processes throughout the buildings life cycle. CenterMine will continue to follow the industry trends to provide an effective building and facility management solution.

Why FM Center?

FM Center is an all-in-one solution designed to meet the needs of facility and property managers, as well as investors and owners. The system covers a large variety of building management and maintenance processes. FM Center provides:

  • Effective contract and documentation management
  • Extraction of data for accurate reports
  • Integration of different BMS solutions
  • Effective finance control
  • Effective planning and control of maintenance
  • Management of different facilities through one system
  • Easy Contacts Management