Effective financial control

  • Always know how much and what kind of free space you are working with
  • Your current and future financial performance is transparent
  • Control costs and payments, which ensures you have better financial results
  • Automatically record and distribute the expenses (by clients, contracts and cost centres)
  • Easily create rental contracts and annexes with all the necessary criterion (land, price, time periods etc.)
  • Create different sections of the reports and generate the reports you need
  • Take advantage of the convenience of the automated notifications – the system makes sure you don’t miss any important dates and tasks

Optimal maintenance of buildings

  • Always know in which architectural unit and with what technical equipment you are working with
  • Optimal planning and effective management of the preventive maintenance of the equipment in the building, which will reduce costs and improve your assets
  • Successfully control the work of subcontractors
  • Easily track and control any unplanned maintenance activity
  • Have full maintenance history, which allows you to better plan your budget and your necessary resources
  • The analysis of the activities carried out allows you to reduce the rate of damage occurring and the costs associated with this

Flexibility when creating reports

  • Create an unlimited amount of reports
  • Generate templates for the necessary reports that you use regularly
  • With a single button, export the obtained results into an Excel format
  • Easily visualize the report data with graphs exported in a PDF format
  • Have available to you prepared reports for recording activity using standardized indicators (KPIs) to compare with global practices

Management of contacts

  • Group your contacts using different criterion, defining links between them and noting additional information
  • Quickly and easily discover the necessary information using the criterion
  • Create reports, establish ratings and make better decisions for your business
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